Gemini Videos

The videos below highlight some of the most engaging image sequences taken during the Gemini IV, VI-A, VII, IX-A, X, and XII missions and have been compiled into the videos below for viewing and download. These videos are not derived from the footage taken by the 16 mm video cameras that were used during some of the later missions.

Gemini IV

The mission objectives of Gemini IV included the evaluation of the effects of prolonged space flight, to demonstrate and evaluate performance of spacecraft and systems in a 4-day flight, and to evaluate for crew rest and work cycles, eating schedules, and real-time flight planning. Secondary objectives included: demonstrate and evaluate EVA and control by use of HHMU and tether, station-keep and rendezvous with second stage of GLV, evaluate spacecraft systems, make in- and out-of-plane maneuvers, and further test OAMS retro backup capability.

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Gemini VI-A

This mission's primary objective was to rendezvous with Gemini-VII. Secondary objectives included: perform closed-loop rendezvous in fourth orbit, station-keep with Gemini VII, evaluate re-entry guidance capability, and conduct visibility tests for rendezvous using Gemini VII as target.

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Gemini VII

The primary objective was to conduct 14-day mission and evaluate effects on crew. Secondary objectives included: provide target for Gemini VI-A, station-keep with Gemini VI-A and with the second stage of GLV, evaluate lightweight pressure suit, evaluate spacecraft re-entry capability, and conduct systems tests.

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Gemini IX-A

The primary objective was to perform rendezvous and docking and conduct EVA. Secondary objectives included: rendezvous with ATDA (launched 6/1/66 from Complex 14) in 3rd revolution, conduct systems evaluation and equi-period rendezvous, practice docking, rendezvous from above and demonstrate controlled re-entry.

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Gemini X

The primary objective of this mission was to rendezvous and dock with Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV-5005) launched as TLV-5305 from Complex 14 on 7/18/66. Secondary objectives included: rendezvous and dock in 4th revolution, rendezvous with Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-8 using Agena propulsion systems, conduct EVAs, practice docking, perform system evaluation on bending-mode tests, docked maneuvers, static discharge, monitoring, post-docked Agena maneuvers, re-entry guidance, and park Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) in 352km (190.3 nm) orbit.

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Gemini XII

The primary objective was rendezvous and docking and to evaluate EVA. Secondary objectives included: tethered vehicle operation, perform 14 experiments, rendezvous and dock in 3rd revolution, demonstrate automatic reentry, perform docked maneuvers, practice docking, conduct system tests and park Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-12 in 555.6 km (300 nm) orbit.

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About the Videos

To create these videos we utilized the processed, low-resolution image products from each mission. These images were sequenced together into videos with introductions. Each video has a pixel resolution of approximately 600x626.

Each mission involved a number of experiments, from handheld EVA photography to long-exposure photography. Due to the variety of experiments, the elapsed time between each image captured is not taken into account and the videos therefore have varied image rates, or images displayed per second of video (not to be confused with the video's frame rate).

These two factors (time between each picture being taken and the rate of frames in videos) accounts for the "dodgy-ness" of the videos.