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The Movies below highlight some of the most engaging image sequences snapped during the Gemini IV, VI-A, VII, IX-A, X, and XII missions. The title and end frames were created using Adobe Photoshop. Processed images were sub-sampled to 900 x 900 pixels and saved in Quicktime format in hi-res and low-res versions.


Gemini IV

The mission objectives of Gemini IV included the evaluation of effects of prolonged space flight, to demonstrate and evaluate performance of spacecraft and systems in 4-day flight, and to evaluate for crew rest and work cycles, eating schedules, and real-time flight planning. Secondary objectives included: demonstrate and evaluate EVA and control by use of HHMU and tether, station-keep and rendezvous with second stage of GLV, evaluate spacecraft systems, make in-and-out-of plane maneuvers, and further test OAMS retro backup capability.

Gemini VI-A

This missions primary objective was to rendezvous with Gemini-VII. Secondary objectives included: perform closed-loop rendezvous in fourth orbit, station-keep with Gemini VII, evaluate re-entry guidance capability, and conduct visibility tests for rendezvous using Gemini VII as target.

Gemini VII

The primary objective was to conduct 14-day mission and evaluate effects on crew. Secondary objectives included: provide target for Gemini VI-A, station-keep with Gemini VI-A and with the second stage of GLV, evaluate lightweight pressure suit, evaluate spacecraft re-entry capability, and conduct systems tests.

Gemini IX-A

The primary objective was to perform rendezvous and docking and conduct EVA. Secondary objectives included: rendezvous with ATDA (launched 6/1/66 from Complex 14) in 3rd revolution, conduct systems evaluation and equiperiod rendezvous, practice docking, rendezvous from above and demonstrate controlled re-entry.

Gemini X

The primary objective of this mission was to rendezvous and dock with Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV-5005) launched as TLV-5305 from Complex 14 on 7/18/66. Secondary objectives included: rendezvous and dock in 4th revolution, rendezvous with Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-8 using Agena propulsion systems, conduct an EVA, practice docking, perform system evaluation on bending-mode tests, docked maneuvers, static discharge, monitoring, post-docked Agena maneuvers, re-entry guidance, and park Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) in 352km (190.3 nm) orbit.

Gemini XII

The primary objective was rendezvous and docking and to evaluate EVA. Secondary objectives included: tethered vehicle operation, perform 14 experiments, rendezvous and dock in 3rd revolution, demonstrate automatic reentry, perform docked maneuvers, practice docking, conduct system tests and park Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-12 in 555.6 km (300nm) orbit.